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HDB Renovation Works New Ruling

HDB Renovation Contractors must only seek certified renovation contractors

The recent HDB announcement has made it mandatory that the renovation contractors hire only certified workers if they wish to carry out any sort of HDB renovation works in the HDB flats. The announcement that came yesterday has made Jan 1, 2014 as the timeline for initiating this new regulation. The existing guidelines make it mandatory for the owners of HDB flats to carry out any renovation work by appointing contractors having registration from the HDB. This and the norm to get prior approval from HDB before initiating any such work is necessary to ensure that the hacking or demolition work does not compromise with the structural integrity of the building. HDB has also said that it has decided to collaborate with the BCA Academy, which will help in customizing a demolition course for the workers to ensure maximum public safety.

Renovation Works must be conducted only by certified contractors

HDB has made it clear through official statements that its primary aim is help raise the degree of professionalism in the renovation industry to ensure greater safety of life and property of people involved in such hdb renovation works. Thus, the new guidelines issued the day before has made it compulsory for the registered contractors to include the particulars of two workers having requisite certification.  They must submit the same to HDB in case their renovation project involves any activities related to demolition or hacking. The involvement of trained workers only in such activities will go a long way in mitigating any chances of untoward incidents arising out of hacking of structural walls. Thus, occupants of the HDB flats will benefit from the greater degree of professionalism in the renovation industry.

Renovation Works plans to be submitted to HDB

The course work meant for the workers requires them to qualify the required assessment by BCA Academy in both the theory and practical aspects of the course to receive the Certificate of Successful Completion in Demolition Work for Renovation Contractors for the purpose of hdb renovation works. BCA Academy will run the course on a weekly basis at a cost of $ 195 per participant, excluding GST, with the first run of it beginning yesterday. The high-rise nature of the HDB, coupled with the thousands of renovation requests that it receives every year, had made it imperative to have a proper demolition policy in place. Renovation applications involving demolition activities clock close to 60,000 in number is what HDB receives every year. Thus, it becomes essential to prevent a rerun of unfortunate events that occurred in flats in Bedok and Bishan where removal of critical structural walls endangered the residents.

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