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The Many Varieties of Urban Lofts and Penrose Condo Showflat

When potential buyers first begin to research whether or not they’d like to own an urban loft or condo, they often do so with a few misconceptions that require adjusting. What is a loft? What is a condo? Is a loft always a condo, and vice-versa? These are some of the questions folks deal with as they move toward an urban lifestyle.
The Differences (And Similarities) Between Lofts and Condos:
Do you remember the saying “all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares?” Well, that’s sort of how you should view urban lofts and condos. Even though there are many, many traits that are shared between the two, there are still a series of very important characteristics that differentiate the two.Call us for Penrose Condo Sims Drive Showflat or Penrose Condo location
The Condo:
A condominium, or condo, is simply a piece of property that one may purchase within a larger structure. Homeowners share in the costs associated with maintaining the building, and often elect a board responsible for making big decisions like roofing and others. (For an in-depth look at what condos really are, take a look back to see our article discussing the definitions of condos and co-ops).
The Loft:
The term loft refers more to the style of a home. Vaulted ceilings, exposed brick, exposed ductwork- these are only a few of the most commonly found characteristics in urban lofts. Classic lofts are most often found inside structures nearly a century old, which explains much of the design.
Clearly, not all condos feature concrete floors and huge timber beams throughout. Indeed, many condos opt instead for a much more elegant and refined aesthetic. These are the condos that emphasize opulent furnishings and exquisite amenities, lending to an aura of class.
So, as you can see, all lofts are condos- but not all condos are lofts. So, where does that leave you? Well, we recommend you take a look at the values you look for in a home. Do you like the rustic, urban aesthetic? Or perhaps you prefer a more refined and elegant look. Do you swoon over exposed brick, or are ornate staircases more your style?
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